Our Mission

Respiratory ETC. seeks to develop the skill set required by individuals to successfully perform life support to those in need. We strive to provide training in a stress-less environment where the individual can become well versed and confident in basic life support.


Mary Martinez, Founder

Bree Campbell-Sheppard


Get to know us

Several years ago, our founder Mary Martinez was working as a carpenter. Which she had been doing  for almost 16 years. Unfortunately, she suffered an accident when she fell off of a ladder. The injuries she sustained did not allow her to go back working as a carpenter. After much prayer, she heard the answer was to go back to school. Having only obtained her GED, she explored her interests. One thing that always resonated was the passion to serve others. This led her to enroll  Victoria College in Victoria, TX. She graduated from Victoria College in 2001 as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and worked in critical care for the greater part of 18 years. This provided her with qualities that she imparts today to her students. Along the years, she has educated thousands of family members, patients, and students. She rejoices in the fact that she helps people for a living, not only as a respiratory therapist, but now as an instructor. An opportunity to open a respiratory business was offered to her and she named it Respiratory Etc. , Here she can impart the knowledge and skills she has acquired for nearly 20 years.

At Respiratory Etc., we believe in educating each and every student to have the understanding of “WHY” we should fine tune our skills. Our goal is provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become confident in themselves in order to perform life saving skills when the time comes. When Respiratory Etc. started in October 2018 under the leadership of Mary Martinez, the main focus was to provide comfort and knowledge to healthcare practitioners and individuals in a stress free environment. As the time has gone by, Respiratory Etc. maintains the same goal and focus and we continue to encourage our students to put that extra special effort into their careers and life.